Monthly Reflections – April

First off, apologies for my lack of presence this month. I’ve been struggling to write to be honest and not for lack of trying. I’ve started a few posts but none of them have made it to the blog. Perhaps they will eventually, but for now they remain unfinished, floating around in the cloud. I think my mind is too cluttered and I’m struggling to gather thoughts. I get halfway through writing about one topic and suddenly my mind is elsewhere and I find myself on a completely different track heading off far into the distance. I won’t make any promises for this month, because I really couldn’t tell you what it might bring.

Highlights and Lowlights:

Highlights –

I bought a motorbike! So now I have another goal to add to the list as I’m aiming to sit and pass my restricted motorbike licence as soon as I can.

Lowlights –

Hmmm, actually there’s nothing obvious coming to me which is amazing. I guess I could say my lowlight for the month has been having to be sensible and rest lots. Given how hectic the start of the year has been I wanted to use April as my “me” month. And then of course, I rested so well I got a cold last week. It seems to happen whenever I slow down, and let my body catch up. Not to mention the change in season, we have had some freezing days.

Goal Progress:

So… I mentioned last month that I would focus on flute and walking in April… aaaannnddd… I DID!  ! I signed up for flute lessons with a tutor and I’m one lesson in and so far so good! Except for the fact that I was too sick to practice… but that’s okay. That won’t happen EVERY week. As for walking I got out with my partner a couple of times AND with my new position at work I’m able to incorporate a lot more walking into my everyday routine which is amazing.

Dance is going great as-well. I’m enjoying it perhaps even more than usual and we’ve been focussing on a lot of technique rather than learning too much new content which is perfect for if I want to achieve my goal of competing or sitting more exams.

Yoga and dutch were my weak points this month. So I’ll be focussing on them for the month of May. (Wish me luck! . . . or energy?)

3 Things I’ve Learnt:

  1. Things don’t happen unless you get off you’re a*** and do them. But do them carefully… NOTHING is worth months in bed.
  2. Schedule rest breaks, they’re important and if you plan them they don’t have to be boring.
  3. Managing your own work is amazing.

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