Monthly Reflections – June

It. Is. July. What on earth has happened to the year??? How am I supposed to write a reflection on June when I don’t even feel like June has been yet!


Okay, June… June… what did I do in June… I’m sure I’ve been busy… but what exactly was I doing…

Highlights and Lowlights:

Highlights –

Okay this one I can do.

  1. I MADE IT THROUGH A MONTH SO RIDICULOUSLY BUSY THAT I CAN’T EVEN REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED AND I HAVEN’T EVEN HAD A SINGLE FLARE! Sorry guys, I don’t mean to shout, but oh wow I’m excited. I’m also tired. Not the kind of tired where I mean I’m so ridiculously fatigued that I don’t even have the energy to tell you everything that’s going on so I’m just going to tell you I’m tired. I’m normal person tired, and normal person tired is something I celebrate! Okay, yes, I was in hospital earlier this month but it wasn’t M.E/CFS so let’s not count that yeah?
  2. I haven’t actually counted but I’m 90% sure that only one of my packed lunches this month has had single use plastic in it. ONLY ONE! By packed lunch I’m referring to Mon-Fri breakfast, snacks and lunch. Reducing waste has been a quiet goal of mine for a really long time and my partner and I recently decided to act on it instead of just talking about it. This is only a fraction of what I hope to achieve by being more conscious about waste but I’m so so so excited that we have started our journey.

Lowlights –

Honestly I think my lowlight this month has been my mind set, the winter months tend to get me stuck in a rut but I’m working on it and I’m sure we’ll be sweet again soon.

Goal Progress:

Dance – Is there a giant tick emoji I can insert here? I have not missed a single dance lesson. Oh and I’ve had two extra lessons. Oh and you know how the ultimate dance goal for this year was to work towards (and receive) the next medal? I’m sitting the test this Saturday… Hence I’ve had to re-evaluate the 2018 goal; if anyone’s interested it is now to enter my first ballroom/latin dance competition. I used to compete in Jazz, Contemporary and Lyrical so it’s a logical next step for me in the latin and ballroom side of things. Of course, I’ll also be preparing for the next medal test whenever that might be.

Flute – I am absolutely loving flute. Not practising as much as I’d like but sometimes life just gets away on us. I’ve been improving steadily since taking up lessons and have just one more left before I’ve completed my first term!

Dutch – Yeah the learning Dutch kinda happened. I certainly did a lot more that I had in the previous two months. I think the lack of a deadline might be what’s making this one a little harder to keep up with. I might look at creating some kind of more specific aim with an end goal so that I know what I’m working towards and can measure progress.

Yoga – uuhhhh yeah, about that… I mean, I thought about doing yoga at least twice… does that count?

3 Things I’ve Learnt:

  1. Listen to your own advice.
  2. Work out your priorities and stick to them but don’t be afraid to re-evaluate if you need to. There is absolutely no point being upset or depressed because you can’t keep up with something that you impose on yourself.
  3. Do what makes you happy.

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