A Year Of Growth – Week 2 – A Goal for the Year

Quite simply this year’s blogging goal is to grow. To grow my blog as a whole, from audience to regularity of posts, but also to grow as a person. To grow in confidence, to grow in enthusiasm, to grow in self-belief – I didn’t name this blog series A Year of Growth for nothing! My reasoning for all this? Because if my blogging can help me grow and learn to accept my life with a chronic illness, then chances are it can help others too.

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A Year of Growth – Week 1 – The Highs and Lows of ME/CFS

ME/CFS affects everyone differently, while some people are bed bound for years, on the other end of the scale is people like me, still able to live a virtually “normal” life. Still working full time. Still taking part in hobby activities. Still living. Still here. But what looks normal from the outside can be far from it on the inside. Yes, I’m capable of working full time but only because I have a generous boss who doesn’t mind me taking the odd unpaid day as leave if I need it. Yes, I attend dance and flute lessons – but only one or two per week where I used to attend them every single day. Yes, I dragged myself out of bed this morning, but no, I didn’t make my own lunch. In fact, I didn’t even choose my own clothes because I don’t have the energy. I didn’t shower, I didn’t do my hair and I don’t wear make-up. From the outside, it looks like I prefer a natural look, hair down, face bare. From the inside, I wish I had the energy, I wish I had the time to spend each morning to cover the bags under my eyes, to pull my hair into a braid, to make my own damned coffee.

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A Year of Growth – 52 Writing Prompts for Chronic Illness Bloggers

This will be a year of growing through my illness; each of the prompts is designed to make me think about my illness, how it affects my life, and how I can change that for the better. I encourage you to join me and take part in your own way – let’s grow together! #growwithme

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Monthly Reflections – August

Just when I thought winter was over… it has struck again. Let’s hope this is the last cold snap for the year because my immune system is NOT coping (of course that has nothing to do with my hectic schedule and lack of rest…). I will admit that I have brought this crash on myself, and very much should have known better – but it’s just so damned easy to get carried away and think that everything will be okay.

I’ve been a little quiet lately, partly because I’ve been ill and focusing on making it to work each day, partly because I just don’t have the brain capacity to write at the moment, partly because the consistent rain just doesn’t inspire me and partly because I’m working on something a little special for the 1 year anniversary of this blog… keep your eyes peeled!

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