Monthly Reflections – August

Just when I thought winter was over… it has struck again. Let’s hope this is the last cold snap for the year because my immune system is NOT coping (of course that has nothing to do with my hectic schedule and lack of rest…). I will admit that I have brought this crash on myself, and very much should have known better – but it’s just so damned easy to get carried away and think that everything will be okay.

I’ve been a little quiet lately, partly because I’ve been ill and focusing on making it to work each day, partly because I just don’t have the brain capacity to write at the moment, partly because the consistent rain just doesn’t inspire me and partly because I’m working on something a little special for the 1 year anniversary of this blog… keep your eyes peeled!

Highlights and Lowlights:

Highlights –

Birthday! Yep, I turned another year older this month and I celebrated well with lots of friends and family (I managed to drag the event out over a full two weeks). It was a great opportunity to forget about the rain and cold and have fun. Not to mention the fantastic gifts I received…

Lowlights –

Did I mention that I’m sick of this rain and cold?

Goal Progress:

Dance is still by far the strongest of my goals and achievements this year. September is the month my partner and I jump up a class, so fingers crossed we slot in easily and don’t hold the others up too much by not knowing as much as them!

Once again, I feel the rest of my goals have sat in the background. That isn’t to say that I’m not working on them though! I do wish that I had more time and energy to fit everything in more often but at the moment I’m content that I’m doing my absolute best and progress is being made in all areas (even if it is slow!).

3 Things I’ve Learned:

  1. Birthdays are the greatest.
  2. Persistence can move mountains.
  3. Quality time with friends and family is worth 10000000 crashes.

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