A Year Of Growth – Week 2 – A Goal for the Year

Quite simply this year’s blogging goal is to grow. To grow my blog as a whole, from audience to regularity of posts, but also to grow as a person. To grow in confidence, to grow in enthusiasm, to grow in self-belief – I didn’t name this blog series A Year of Growth for nothing! My reasoning for all this? Because if my blogging can help me grow and learn to accept my life with a chronic illness, then chances are it can help others too.

What is it that I want to achieve?

Well I guess I told you this in a broad sense above but if I had to be more specific I think that my goal is to help people going through similar struggles to me. But even more specific than that – my goal is to help people in a way that I am proud of, a way that when I look back over old blog posts I myself will feel encouraged, even though I was the one who wrote the blog in the first place. I want to contribute to making conversation about illnesses and disabilities normal, to contribute to advocacy and spreading the word that being disabled or having an illness doesn’t make you any less of a person and it certainly isn’t something that you should have to hide.  Like I said, if by blogging I can help myself to become a better person and be more accepting of my ME/CFS then there’s a damn good chance that what I say might help someone else as-well.

How will I know if I have accomplished this goal?

I think there are a lot of ways that I will know if I have accomplished growth. For example, as I write this my follower count sits at 32 on WordPress, 26 on Facebook, 7 via email and 5 on Pinterest (as you can tell, I really haven’t been pushing for follows). It’s always an amazing feeling when you gain a new follower though and this is definitely an easy way for me to see how my blog has grown in terms of engaging viewers over the year. Likewise – I will be able to analyse a lot of the others stats offered by the different platforms I use. More importantly though, I think I’ll be gauging my progress by the involvement of those followers, from comments and likes to re-pins and shares, engagement shows me that what I said really meant something to someone so an increase in engagement would be a huge win in terms of meeting my goal of helping and connecting with others. The last way that I plan on measuring my success is to re-read old blog posts. I mentioned above that I want to be able to re-read my posts and feel inspired over and over again, but I also want to be able to read old posts and know that if I were to write it now, I’d write it differently. Whether that be with more compassion, more wisdom or simply more experience, all of these will show the extent of my personal and emotion growth throughout the year and especially my own level of acceptance of ME/CFS.

How am I going to get there…?

And now for the reason I designed this blog series in the first place… I’ll get there by following along with my prompts each week. I know I’m not perfect so chances are I’ll miss a week here and there but as long as I make it up and get some blog posts out there I think the growing will sort itself out.

I also intend to put a little more love into my Facebook page, and maybe even my Pinterest if I get enthused.

A Year of Growth - 52 Writing Prompts for Chronic Illness Bloggers

Is this goal worth my time?

1000 x over – yes. Yes, yes and YES. If I can help just one person then yes, this goal is 110% worth my time. Even if that one person is me.


Are you a goal setter? Share your goals in the comments – maybe we can spur each other on!

This post is Part 2 of 52 in the series – A Year of Growth. The series is a celebration of the first anniversary of The Truth About M.E and is designed to help me grow through my illness throughout my second year of blogging. I look forward to having you along for the journey! 

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2 thoughts on “A Year Of Growth – Week 2 – A Goal for the Year

  1. Barbara Gleed

    Hi, although i am not very internet savvy and i wouldnt have a single ckue about ‘blogging’ I do enjoy ready yours.
    My foggy brain means it takes me a long time to read and absorb written matter but not so with your blogs. You keep them relatively short and easy to absorb.
    My goal is to work through your 52 writing promps. This will be something i can control instead of lying in bed at night worrying about all the things i can”t control.
    Love Barbara x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad to hear you find them easy to read! Maybe it’s because my also foggy brain can only handle so much writing… Thanks so much for following along, I hope you enjoy the year, and I hope my prompts can give you something more fun to think about each week 🙂
      Much love, Jodie xx


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