A Year of Growth – Week 14 – Day Dreamer

It’s funny isn’t it how we get fixated on whatever is big in our lives in the moment. The first thing I thought of when I read the title of this week’s post was my wedding. I’m at my wedding, and it’s day three and I’m still having fun. Still talking with my guests, still walking around unaided and still loving every minute…

Yes, you read that correctly, three day wedding… I know. What am I doing?? Hoping I’ll have the energy for one day seems daunting enough, but three?! Don’t panic though, there’s a totally good reason for this. And that reason is, camping. I go camping a lot, have done since I was teeny tiny and honestly it’s one of the most therapeutic and relaxing things for me. I’m only slightly exaggerating when I get a better sleep in a tent than I do in my own bed… So why three days? Because we’re going camping of course! If you’re not into camping I can see how this might sound incredibly stressful… but for me, this is the best way to ensure I’m relaxed, calm and that my nerves/excitement/emotion doesn’t get the better of me and cause a crash. Still, three days being the centre of attention is quite a long time. The idea of having three days is that the day before is time when anyone who wants can join us and probably get roped into helping with the set up. The day of is the main event, the stressful part, the day that’s going to be scheduled to perfection. Then finally day three is for winding down, the day with no plan, the day where we sit and we talk and I actually get a chance to catch up with all the friends and family that traipsed across the country to come and see me and my fiancé tie the knot.

So back to the “amazing dream” – I’m chilled out on a picnic blanket, lying next to the lake. Not a cloud in the sky. I’m surrounded by all those closest to me, some are out on the lake – water skiing perhaps. Some are playing cricket, or croquet, maybe table tennis. I’m married, and this is the first day of the next chapter of my life.


This post is Part 14 of 52 in the series – A Year of Growth.

The series is a celebration of the first anniversary of The Truth About M.E and is designed to help me grow through my illness throughout my second year of blogging. I look forward to having you along for the journey! 

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