A Year of Growth – Week 22 – Memories

Isn’t it funny how our minds like to collect completely awful things and remind us of them at every chance. When you cast your mind back and try to bring up certain memories the first things that pop up (especially when trying to make these memories specifically about chronic illness) are scary or tragic. They’re painful and big and not at all the kind of memory intended. And it’s not that there aren’t good memories too, it’s just simply that the scary ones get deemed ‘more impressive’, ‘more appropriate for the category’, ‘more worth telling’.

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A Year of Growth – Week 21 – The Not So Friendly Hobbies

In week 20’s post I talked about a few of the things that I love to do when I’m in a flare, or I guess you could say, the things that I like to do when I don’t want to cause a flare… and that’s all very well but let’s not forget about all the things we like to do that ARE NOT “chronic illness friendly”. After all, this illness doesn’t define me, I wasn’t always sick and yes, some of my favourite things to do are not always the healthy or most appropriate option…

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