New Year, New Me… (or something like that?)

It’s been a while since I posted a reflection blog… couldn’t really tell you why but it’s 2019 now and what’s better than a new year for setting goals and re-enforcing old habits! … here goes:

2018 in Review:

2018 was a crazy year, in Feb I traveled around the world attending weddings in the Cook Islands and India and in March I took on a new role as a Manager at work. Veronica (my motorbike) entered my life in April and June saw my partner and I taking a weekend getaway to the South Island. I ticked off one of my goals in July when I passed a medal test in dance aaaannnndddd it’s about there that I stopped keeping track…After that, well, the year is a blur – I got engaged and started wedding planning, started a new job (and planned an amazing two day Christmas Party), went to a Shania Twain concert and spent the final few days of the year driving around the country in the crazy heat with no air-conditioning… I think we can call that a successful year!

Now for 2019:

Most of my goals this year remain the same, (so much for that “new me” nonsense) although they are all altered slightly. I must admit though, they still need a fair bit of refinement before I can truly call them “goals”. 

Dutch much like early 2018 is taking a top tier and so far, so good. I’m still just using the app (Duolingo) but I’d like to try and get some use of my Dutch Language book now that I have some basic understanding. I definitely think it will help with things like sentence structure and all the stuff you’re basically just guessing when you use an app. I reaaalllly want to be able to have basic conversations around the house, but I think the goal for now is just to develop some understanding of the rules of the language (as opposed to just guessing what I think things might mean until I nail it… shhhh) 

Dance is still up there, but with a new perspective… everyone will be expecting something amazing at our wedding after all!

Yoga… already going better than last year! I’ve dragged my fiance into this one so let’s hope we pressure each other into keeping it up. Once a week would be amazing and I definitely think it’s achievable… no pressure… 

Flute stands the same, I’ll be starting my weekly lessons up again soon so my goal is to keep them up while also practicing during the week. Wedding planning has been pushing this one down the queue lately but I think that’ll slow down soon and flute will be more of a priority. I’m still thinking about what a more specific goal might be to get me motivated, learning a specific piece maybe? I’ll think on it! 

This year is a year of preparation and (hopefully) stability for me, last year was crazy in many ways and I established a lot of new habits (or started to). This year I hope to gain a little more traction and just simply keep it all up, after all – next year is looking to be a chaotic one as well… (watch this space). 

How was 2018 for you? and what are your goals this year? Are you keeping it simple like me or are you throwing a few new things in there? I’d love hear what you’re all getting up to.

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Me… (or something like that?)

  1. Barbara Gleed

    2018 was the worst year, up to now, that I could have experienced.
    First total disaster of a holiday in Gran Canaria ….24hr flight delay and hubby I’ll plus a crappy room.
    Then hubby diagnosed with cancer under his tongue. Then several months of hospital appointments followed by biopsies and 2 surgeries to remove tumours.
    During all this my eldest grandsons best friend died after taking a ‘ legal high’ he was with his mate when it happened but doesn’t take drugs himself thank God. He has had to have counseling.
    To complete the year my hubby is told his previous surgery has failed and he needs invasive surgery to remove a large portion under his tongue and tissue would be grafted from his wrist. Which he refused.
    He is has been given 1-2 years to live.
    We fully intend to make 2019 a good year. Amazingly my M.E has been kept under control. I hope it stays like this.


    1. I am so sorry to hear that. I really hope things start looking up for you in 2019! Isn’t it awful how things always seem to cluster and just when you think it couldn’t get any worse something else gets thrown in there. Must surely be time for something good to come your way! Sending love and hugs xxx


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