February, the month that was.

February… where on earth did you go? I feel myself already getting sucked into the trap of the months flying by with no real idea of how I spent them, or what made them whiz past so quickly. I think now might be a prime time for a little reflection…

Book this! Pay for that! Where’s this deposit? Who’s paying for that item?! Weddings are (excuse my language) F*****g expensive and this month has been HUGE on the wedding front. February marks the month that we wanted all our major contracts booked in by. We’re not getting married until March next year but we figure most people start looking around about a year in advance, so if we beat that rush we should have our pick of the bunch. It worked perfectly! Not a single vendor had questionable availability, so we’ve ended up with our first choice on all the big things, from the venue, caterer, furniture and lighting all the way to the photographer. And despite it feeling like we’ve spent a fortune, so far, everything’s coming in under budget (even the honeymoon plans have started coming together…). Fingers crossed it all continues this smoothly! – I must be overdue for a proper wedding update post I feel…

Behind the scenes all the other little goals are still trucking along, yoga and flute continue along much the same trends they have in the past and dance lessons have shifted from simply learning to dance to having a much more specific goal in mind – wedding choreography! (Seriously, everything is about the wedding this year…) and it couldn’t be more enjoyable. We’ve even been motivated enough to fit a few short practices in at home between lessons. My energy is definitely the limiting factor there though.

Learning to speak Dutch is going well, though I’m definitely getting the feeling that I’ll probably be much better at reading it than speaking or writing. I think the speaking part would be much easier to pick up if we were actually in Holland… that’s okay though! The main goal is just to have it not feel quite so foreign – speaking fluently will come with time. I had the great idea of purchasing Harry Potter en de Steen der Wijzen (a.k.a. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone). I’m not even slightly close to being able to read it but it’s an awesome goal for me to work towards and makes the learning that little bit more fun.

February has left me feeling well and truly catapulted into 2019, here’s to a March filled (hopefully) with a little less “stuff”.

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