A Year of Growth – Week 29 – Symptoms from Hell

It’s pretty hard to distinguish what the “worst symptoms” are, but it’s a question I get asked a lot when someone wants to quickly get a grasp on my condition. Here are three that feel like the worst in this current moment…

1 – Headaches
Headaches are my arch nemesis, sent from the deepest corners of hell to make my life difficult. Constant aching pressure around my head makes work hard, fun hard and even sleep hard. The word ‘headache’ implies that it’s limited to the ‘head’ but I beg to differ. Nausea and blurred vision (okay I guess my eyes are still technically classed as my head) are just some of the side effects that headaches lead to and while the glasses I wear to prevent them, the painkillers I take to dull them and the active avoidance of screens and awful lighting are all fairly effective, there is simply no stopping the onslaught that is the continuous and almost daily headache.

2 – Intention Tremor
Seems a simple thing really, shaking can’t be that bad right? Wrong. Shaking that worsens the more you concentrate on not shaking is not only the most frustrating symptom in existence but it’s also insanely inconvenient. Try holding a pen when concentrating on your hands makes them shake violently and uncontrollably… Snacking semi regularly seems to help – don’t ask my why (I was tested for blood sugar levels and there was no abnormality) but generally once I start shaking there’s not a whole lot I can do except ride it out.

3 – Brain Fog
Ahhh, the dreaded brain fog… I have in fact dedicated two entire posts to this beauty a while back. You can read them here and here if you’re after a more thorough explanation.

Week 29: What are your three worst symptoms and how have you learnt to work around them or cope with them?

Anyone else have any symptoms from hell they’d like to add? How do you work around them?

This post is Part 29 of 52 in the series –A Year of Growth.

The series is a celebration of the first anniversary of The Truth About M.E and is designed to help me grow through my illness throughout my second year of blogging. I look forward to having you along for the journey!

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