The not-so-traditional Option

One of the ways we are making our wedding that little bit more personal is by ditching the traditions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely not against traditions. Some of them are absolutely beautiful, but there are also an awful lot that simply don’t resonate with us, so why make life hard?

1. Bridal Bouquet
“But what will you carry instead?!” I hear you yell. Nothing. Maybe my walking stick? Maybe I’ll hold my groom’s hand. It’s hard enough carrying myself around all day without having a bouquet to worry about too!

2. Cake Table
Because why have just one cake, when you can have four???

3. Seated Ceremony
I’m still not convinced on this one but it’s definitely something we’re considering. I think for me, it’ll come down to how I feel on the day. If I feel I can, I’d like to stand for the ceremony. It’s easier for everyone to see if we’re standing and my dress will look a million times better if I’m standing up (I’m really worrying about the important things here…). But if we really need to, my fiance and I will exchange vows seated in front of our guests.

4. Coloured suit
Who says the groom has to wear black?! Coloured suits can be an awesome way to let the groom have his personality shine through (and stand out from his groomsmen). I think the slightly less formal vibe makes coloured suits that little bit more affordable too.

5. Outdoors/non formal
We’re outdoors people and not particularly religious so why would we get married inside? Instead, we’ve chosen a venue that means the world to us. It’s a location we’ve visited many times before and somewhere we can return to again and again. Fingers crossed the weather holds out!

6. Switching out the veil
I’ve swapped my veil out for a full length cape, handmade by myself and my Maid of Honour. It’ll be something a bit special that we do together and it will certainly have its practical uses too!

Ditching traditions is helping us to save money by focusing on what’s important to us without worrying about all the extras. It’s also a major way that we are working towards making the wedding that little bit more chronic illness friendly. All of that aside however, my absolute favourite part about ditching the traditions is that our wedding is very much “us”. We won’t be pretending to be who we’re not and we’ll feel 100% comfortable and happy on the day.

What did you do to make your wedding day that little bit more special?

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