Time for Unrest

Curled up in bed, my head resting on his shoulder I felt a single tear flow down my cheek. The glow of the laptop screen lit up my face as he looked down, aware my breathing pattern had changed. I caught his eye and the wall holding back the flood burst, the tears now streaming, messy and unrestrained as they tracked their way down to my chin.

The screen in front of us gave no clues of what could be wrong. But without a word, he understood. This wasn’t just a film, this was my life. An eerie comparison, the first time I’ve visually experienced someone going through the same pain as my own. The music echoed through my mind, haunting my thoughts as I cried for all those who have suffered.

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Trapped In The Cycle

The sound of my alarm rings out beside me, silently I  will it to stop… please, just 5 more minutes…

The lights flick on and I squeeze my eyes even tighter still, flinching away from the brightness. My uniform is laid out on the bed before me.

My coffee is thrust into my hands and I stumble out the door. Keys… lunch… handbag… I have everything… I think…

I can’t remember much of the drive but here I am, seated at my desk, the radio playing quietly in the background… only eight more hours…

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