A Year of Growth – Week 13 – Initial Reaction

As I mentioned in week 12 I haven’t actually ever been officially diagnosed, which to be quite honest makes me feel like an outsider quite a lot of the time. There was however a day in which my GP and I decided that I fit the CFS/ME description and I can remember the initial reaction being some weird kind of mixture of hope, excitement and utter terror at what might lie ahead.

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A Year of Growth – Week 9 – Reactions to Chronic Illness

Everyone reacts differently to every situation that life throws at them… and unless you’ve been there (which generally I’m hoping the people I come across haven’t) then it’s pretty hard to comprehend what’s going on. Here are a few of the reactions that I’ve had over the years – 

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Back to the Beginning

“It’s pretty hard to say where it began exactly, I have no defining moment at which I noticed I was sick. To be honest, looking back there are a number of times that I could place as being the “beginning” or rather, the first hint that something might be wrong. But of course, hindsight always works that way, it’s easy to see when you know what’s coming.”

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